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ani laurie

is a British writer/director/artist born and raised in London. She has directed, written various films working with her co-creative & sister, Bila, under their sibling moniker. Their new material >

S.O.T.R will be out Spring 2020 >

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.... ani worked with the acclaimed British filmmaker/artist, Steve McQueen, earlier this year & his team on a social issues project -- set to be released to the public in due course.

More...  Srsly? I’m better in person.

Before taking a giant leap back into education where ani gained an MA Directing Fiction at the esteemed National Film & Television School where she was awarded a Toledo Scholarship, ani worked solidly in creative biz development working across leading indie publications -- and working over seven years in Tech/Digital space where she gained interest at NBC Universal Pictures/Comcast for her passion for authored digital video campaigns and socials content.
ani has won nominations for her films and digital work, but nothing is more satisfying than...

‘...giving viewers something original, risky, engaging... and seeing/listening as audiences  mesh/connect with the story on screen
that’s what storytelling is truly about - connection.’   

- ani laurie intvw CineWomen magazine